Karen Amador lives in sunny SoCal with her devilish husband, little smarty-pants son, two silly pups, and one annoyed tuxedo kitteh that believes he owns the place. Originally from the Midwest, she grew up the youngest in a family of five that encouraged creativity, showing interest in drawing before she could walk. She was also raised on the best of old-school Disney and has held a life-long love of animation. She often doodled cartoons in the margins of her notebooks instead of paying attention in class (which explains a lot), and the only formal art training she experienced was the one year she flunked out of art school (go figure). In her early working days she was known for making fancy name tags that her coworkers actually liked to wear, and she landed her first professional gig as an airbrush artist while in her early twenties.

These days Karen attempts to balance her time of being a full-time mom while running a business from home, often working on her latest project while trying to keep the kiddo out of trouble. Her main goal is to make others smile by sharing her art and designs, and she is ecstatic that the support of her fans allows her to do what she loves while staying at home to raise her mischievous little boy.